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Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is innovative, creative and performs consistently.

By | 02/06/2012 | Updated 01/07/2013 - 18:11

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Adobe Photoshop Touch
Adobe delivered the new Photoshop Touch application, released for Android tablets running Honeycomb. The application is designed to enable the transfer of its most popular features onto Android tablets. And although you might feel limited to the maximum 1600x1600 resolution, you can synchronize Photoshop Touch and the desktop version at your convenience through the Creative Cloud feature.

You can combine, mix, blend, apply any desired effects and share the results with your friends via social networking sites. You can work with multiple layers and be pleased to discover how simple and intuitive it can be - showing/hiding, changing blending modes, adjusting settings such as color balance, saturation, brightness, contrast etc. You can also make use of advanced tools, such as the Magic Wand – in case you need to make complex selections, the Blur and Smudge tool or the Clone Stamp tool. A much liked feature is the Scribble Selection tool, which allows extracting the foreground from the background with ease, by using your finger to draw around the object you want to keep.

Of course, the results are not to be compared with the desktop functionality of the same tool, especially if you are new at this, but it is certainly neat trying it. Another downside is that you can't purchase or install additional text fonts, effects or other features, but we expect Adobe to regularly update functionalities and make the app even more manageable.

Just to make things easier, Adobe Photoshop Touch allows you to learn by using the built-in tutorials. In 45 minutes you will become more familiar with the interface and the tools you can use, most of them being finger-friendly, of course. However, if you plan to use your tablet for drawing or painting most of the time, our advice is to get yourself a stylus – it comes in handy.

Most importantly, the interface is user-friendly and does not bother in any way, as tools are spread around both edges of the screen and adjustments and effects are positioned at the top of the screen. Mainly aimed at website and application developers, Adobe Photoshop Touch is innovative, creative and performs consistently.

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