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I have been able to play many online games throughout the years. Most article writers, gaming journalist, etc. don’t have the time to properly analyze online role playing games.It’s impossible for a gaming journalist to critique an online game in 6 months. I hate jumping from one game to the next … ” So Tay, What makes a good online game for player killers, and pvp enthusiasts?”. Off, the game needs to be skill based. It’s better if you are rewarded for strategic thinking over “Fifa 16 Coin Generator” reactions. You should never have a game that rewards time over skill. Of course, there should always be a few rewards for playing longer than someone else, but those rewards shouldn’t make you impossible to kill. Second, you need a large player base. If there aren’t enough people playing, then what’s the point?Next, there needs to be a point to all of this effort. You should always have a measurable and easily defined goal to work towards. Sieging castles, acquiring kill points, reaching the top of the ladder, loot acquisition, etc. are all good ways to keep most pvpers busy.

Fifa 16 Hack

An attentive and responsive development team is a MUST. You don’t want a community where player questions and concerns are ignored for the sake of stockholders. That simply doesn’t create a long lasting game. You definitely shouldn’t create a team of players to gather the concerns of the community then promptly ignore them. * cough SWG *.The game needs to be fun. Fun isn’t a quality that is easily defined. Many people find different things interesting. You already know that I am heavily biased towards pvp( player versus player), so I will continue to focus on that. In order for a pvp game to be fun, the classes need to be balanced. Nothing on the face of the earth is perfect, but the developers need to realize that group based pvp should have classes with defined roles. Games with a more individual approach should have balanced characters.

Speaking of fun, it amazes me that so many games regurgitate the same content over and over again. Developers usually use this lame excuse: “Our game is the perfect sandbox for the blah blah. You should entertain yourself.” Even if you place a child in a room with other kids (plenty of toys around), those children will get extremely bored if the items they have to play with don’t allow them to be creative or create new content. Most of these companies make millions of dollars a month, but can’t afford to hire staff to interact with the players? Imagine visiting a store with nothing but security guards (GMs) and no sales representatives. I want you to imagine a completely static world. A world where you can complete many tasks, but no matter how hard you work, you can NEVER CHANGE A THING. This is only part one of this series of articles. It’s definitely not a subject that should be rushed in my opinion. Until the next installment, keep killing, keep grinding, and don’t waste your time playing games that don’t truly reward your efforts.


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